Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Social Networking Disconnects

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Youtube. Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. Myspace. There are so many ways to connect to the rest of the world. But it also seems these websites leave us disconnected.

With all of the time spent recieving updates on cell phones or surfing the web for the latest news, we are taking time away from things we should be doing. Playing with kids, doing homework, attending church, or reading a book. These things are pushed to the back burner and forgotten. All because we want to stay connected.

Facebook Statistics say that people spend over 500 billion minutes a month on Facebook. Youtube has 24 hours of video uploading every minute and Twitter's search engine recieves around 600 million searches a day.

Everyone should considered unplugging a little more. Social networking sites are a great way to stay connected with family and friends of far away. But along with texting should not be used to talk to your next door neighbor when you can use your legs and walk over.

Relationships founded in the real world are much stronger than those founded in cyber world. But 1 in 8 relationships are started online. Wouldn't you rather know exactly what you were getting into before starting a relationship?

Is all the networking really keeping us connected or is it pulling the plug on real life?


blake krupla said...

this amazing and so true

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